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Star Wars: See Ken Burns parody documentary video

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The Galactic Civil War ripped apart families, pitting father against son. The heroes of the original Star Wars trilogy played a major role in the action, with the Rebels ultimately unsettling the Empire. It’s a history so rich, Ken Burns could dig in and document it.

Now we have a taste of what that might look like. The Washington Post crafted a mash up of Star Wars stills, video, along with the aesthetic and music from Burns’ seminal Civil War documentary. It has the soothing voice over, and expert talking heads — like Daniel Drezner of Fletcher School of Law and International Diplomacy — rehashing wise words from Senator Jar Jar Binks.

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The saddest, most touching moment comes from the letters sent home by Stormtrooper TK-681 to his beloved wife. His optimism was unrewarded, as he perished on Endor. 

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