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Simon Kinberg on his mysterious Star Wars spinoff

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Simon Kinberg is working on a mystery Star Wars anthology movie — the one Josh Trank was supposed to direct before exiting the project this past spring — and while he won’t say anything about the future movie (not even that its subject might rhyme with Foba Bett), Kinberg did reveal one part of his creative process: his writing playlist.

Speaking to EW at the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kinberg said he creates “little soundtracks for myself to everything I’m working on.” His musical accompaniment for Star Wars?

“Interestingly it’s a fair amount of hip-hop,” Kinberg teased.

As for how the writer behind X-Men and Fantastic Four keeps all his franchise characters straight, Kinberg said it was fairly easy.

“I juggled them as a kid. I read X-Men comics, I saw Star Wars 25 times in the movie theater every time one came out. As a kid, I was living in all of these imaginary universes very coherently. Maybe even more coherently than I do as a grown-up,” he said. “So going back and forth for me — it’s like if I were to say to you, how do you keep your family straight? How your parents are different from your spouse or kids. That’s my experience with X-Men and Star Wars. They’re like my relatives. I have a very clear idea as to the way my mom would say something versus the way my kids would.”

Watch Kinberg discuss the project above. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out on Friday.