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Saturday Night Live best host poll: Did Chris Hemsworth throw the comedy hammer down?

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Dana Edelson/NBC

Chris Hemsworth owns Studio 8H. Or at least he thinks he does. In his return to Saturday Night Live, just nine months after his first visit as guest host, the In the Heart of the Sea star said that his week back with the show felt like home and the cast felt like the nuts-punching brothers he’d grown up with back in Australia. In his opening monologue, he invited the audience backstage, where he acted like a very good-looking Ricky Gervais, making jokes with confused castmates that perhaps only he understood or appreciated. 

Hemsworth might look like a Norse god, but he’s trying his darndest to be funny, too. He packed some heat in Vacation and he’ll appear as the handsome office secretary in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. On SNL, he poked fun of his hunkdom, playing one of the worst strippers in history — and I don’t mean that in a Chris Farley kind of way. 

Hemsworth is the third consecutive male pinup to host, and he follows in the handsome-man footsteps of Ryan Gosling, who rocketed to the top of the polls with more than 60 percent of the vote last week to lap the competition. Amy Schumer is barely in shouting distance, but she’s holding relatively strong, with 22 percent. Matthew McConaughey plummeted to third place, and might be in danger of elimination. Tracy Morgan edged Elizabeth Banks for the final slot and survived another week. He’s Brian Fellows, people!

Previous vote:

Ryan Gosling                    60.3% (—)

Amy Schumer                   22.0% (-10 pts)

Matthew McConaughey     7.0% (-24)

Tracy Morgan                     6.8% (-8)

Elizabeth Banks                 3.9% (-13)

Our rules are simple: Who was the best, most memorable SNL host this season? More specifically, who do you hope gets invited back next year? Whose show had your boss, your mom, and your roommate still giggling on Monday morning? It’s subjective, of course, but let’s reward the guest hosts who brought something special to the table. So far, we’ve eliminated Banks, Miley Cyrus, and Donald Trump. 

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Below, see one representative clip from each of the five hosts, just as a small taste of their recent performances. You’re not voting on this one sketch alone; be sure to consider the entire episode. Make your pick below, and the host with the least support will be eliminated; the other four will advance to compete against the superteam of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on Dec. 19 — the traditional Christmas episode that is sure to include other familiar faces. Ultimately, we’ll dismiss the less memorable hosts and crown a new Mr. or Mrs. Saturday Night in May. Watch and vote below.

Amy Schumer


Tracy Morgan

Matthew McConaughey

Ryan Gosling