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Bruce Willis, Stephen Colbert fight on the Late Show

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The best action Bruce Willis has made in years happened during his appearance on Thursday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

As Colbert interviewed Willis about his role in the Broadway production of Misery, the host asked if Willis did his own stunts in action movies like Die Hard. Willis said he did. Colbert said he did not. And so began an extended bit that featured two stuntmen dressed as Willis and Colbert beating each other up — with cutaways to Willis and Colbert for quippy one-liners and reactions.

“Yippee ki-yay, William Faulkner,” Willis said before his stunt double jumped from a rafter and tried to slam Colbert’s stand-in. Jokes!

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The battle royale ended with a truce, and then one final burst of violence, as Colbert threw Willis into a table — this time without the aid of stunt doubles. “That one hurt,” said Willis.