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SNL cut sketch parodies classic Family Matters episode

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We all remember probably the most famous episode of the ’90s sitcom Family Matters, “Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool,” in which the nerdy Steve Urkel uses a machine to transform himself into the suave Stefan Urquelle. Well, SNL‘s favorite quirky duo of Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett remember it too, and brought in Ryan Gosling to pay homage to the episode’s plot in a sketch that was cut for time from Saturday’s Saturday Night Live.

Bennett, Mooney, and Gosling act out stereotypical plotlines of any laugh-tracked ’90s family sitcom with a disaffected and abrupt speech, which underlines the oh-so-common and unsurprising structure of these shows. Mooney plays the nerdy neighbor Dougie, changing Urkel’s famous catchphrase “Did I do that?” to “Whoops, did I mess up again?” He uses a machine to transform him into the cool Doogé in order to impress his neighbors, played by Bennett and Gosling.

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