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YouTube star PewDiePie to Katie Couric: I've never been the popular guy

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Yahoo News

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.COM.

With more than 40 million loyal subscribers and 10 billion streams, Felix Kjellberg is the most popular person on YouTube … and possibly the entire online universe.

The Swedish-born gamer, who goes by PewDiePie, began posting videos of himself playing video games, all while providing goofy commentary and jokes, roughly five years ago – and super fame followed quickly.

“I never expected it,” Kjellberg tells Katie Couric in a new interview on Yahoo. “I’ve never been the popular guy or whatever. It’s a situation where there are so many people who love what you do and appreciate what you do, and that’s amazing. I couldn’t be happier about it.”

In October, Kjellberg released a New York Times Best Selling book, This Book Loves You, which must be reassuring to him, because he’s not quite sure what his future holds – or if it involves gaming.

“It seems ridiculous if I’m like 70 and I’m just sitting playing games,” he says. “I feel like already in these five years my content has evolved a lot and I will keep evolving. But how will it evolve? I don’t know yet.”