C. Molly Smith
December 01, 2015 AT 09:08 PM EST

Screen Junkies has returned with another Honest Trailer, and this time the little, yellow creatures of Minions are the targets. 

“From Universal Pictures’ marketing department comes one of the most expensive, far-reaching promotional campaigns of all time, and also a movie, Minions,” it begins. It then goes on to point out that the film tells an origin story, but doesn’t really get into any origins, like what a minion actually is or where the creatures’ language comes from. 

The video also likens Minions to characters spin-offs that faltered, like Joey; says the film would have been better with a younger Gru at its center, and points out that minions sure kill a lot of people for kids’ characters. (Screen Junkies’ count is upward of 100. Who would’ve thought?).

For more, watch the teasing unfold above. 

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