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See 13-year-old Josh Hutcherson during his first interview with Jimmy Kimmel

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Josh Hutcherson had just turned 13 when he first appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2005, and the 23-year-old star relived that debut interview during Tuesday’s episode of the late-night show. “Notice the hair,” Hutcherson said before Kimmel played the clip, “I expect it’s going to be horrible.”

In the segment, Kimmel marvels at how a youngster from Kentucky, where Hutcherson was born, could become a Hollywood actor (at the time he was promoting Zathura: A Space Adventure, which also starred a young Kristen Stewart). “I always enjoyed entertaining people, since I was really young,” Hutcherson told Kimmel at the time. (The other guest that night: Ozzy Osbourne.)

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Watch below to see Kimmel cringe at his own look and hear the story of how the host gave Hutcherson a fake ID.