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Hellevator sneak peek at Triplets

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Remember that scene in Matilda where Miss Trunchbull thinks a ghost is writing a vengeful note to her on the chalkboard and all the children in the classroom creepily read it aloud as the floating piece of chalk writes it? Well, if that scene didn’t disturb you before, it definitely will on Wednesday’s new episode of Hellevator.

The sneak peek clip for GSN’s fifth episode of the horror competition show is eerily reminiscent of that scene, as contestant Irene finds her way to a haunted classroom, in which chalk writes on the board of its own agency, and disembodied children’s voices chant in an ominous monotone. When the desktops begin to flip up spontaneously, Irene really starts to lose it.

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The new episode is entitled “Triplets,” and will focus on the story of creepy triplet orphans who lost their parents to a mysterious fire. We get a glimpse of what looks to be one of these triplets at the beginning of the promo clip, although Irene doesn’t.

The “Triplets” episode of Hellevator airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on the Game Show Network.