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'Lungdon' by Edward Carey: EW review

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Lungdon: Book Three

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In Season
Edward Carey
The Overlook Press
Young Adult

We gave it a B+

Like just about everyone else in his family, Clod Iremonger has the ability to control objects, although he hasn’t yet figured out exactly why. Things are wont to move of their own accord when an Iremonger is around, and the people standing near them have a tendency to disappear, only to have new things, like music stands or matchboxes, appear in the places they were last seen. It’s a sickness that follows the family no matter where they go, and soon all of London will be nothing but a graveyard of rubbish if Clod and his ladylove, Lucy Pennant, can’t stop it.

Lungdon, the third and final installment in the Iremonger series, is by turns humorous, confounding, and stressful. It’s also long—excessively so. Feel free to skip pages here and there, like the three dedicated to a dramatic soliloquy in which Clod individually calls what must be every single object in London to his aid. B+