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Star Wars Battlefront season pass details

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EA and DICE have let slip a bit more about what fans can expect from the $49.99 season pass available for Star Wars Battlefront. Unfortunately, the specifics of those details are still vague.

Revealed on the official Battlefront website, the previously announced season pass that promised four content packs now has a few details as to what is involved in each pack.

The expansion packs will include four new game modes, 16 new multiplayer maps (described as “featuring new locations,” though whether that means on the planets included in the game or new planets is unclear), four new game modes, and four more heroes and villains to play. More than 20 new pieces of gear, weapons, and vehicles will also be included among the packs.

Those who purchase the season pass will, as previously revealed, gain access to each content pack two weeks prior to those who purchase them individually. Sadly, there are no details as to who those heroes and villains will be, what those game modes will be, and the scope of those new maps, but these numbers do give a better scope for those purchasing the season pass on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront will hit those platforms on Nov. 17, with the first expansion set for early 2016. More info on the season pass will be revealed in the weeks to come.