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SNL: Pete Davidson discusses transgender rights during Weekend Update

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After voters in Texas rejected the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, Pete Davidson stopped by the Weekend Update desk on Saturday Night Live to criticize fears that it would allow men to use women’s public restrooms.

“Apparently this anti-discrimination law was voted down because some people claim it’s just an excuse to allow guys into women’s restrooms,” Davidson explained. “The theory is that men, in their relentless quest to watch women go to the bathroom, are going through years of hormones, surgery, changing their name, their wardrobe, coming out to their family — all for that big payoff of peeing in a room without urinals.”

Davidson went on to say that he grew up sharing a bathroom with his mom and sister, and not only was it unremarkable, but it was a bit gross.

“What is this fantasy that they think is going on in there?” he said. “There’s no shirtless pillow fights. There’s no disco ball.”

Watch the full clip below.