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Death Star house built by Star Wars fan

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That’s no moon; it’s a very good replica of a battle station.

Lafayette, California resident Colby Powell actually constructed a two-story-tall replica of Star Wars’ Death Star and mounted it on his house.

According to Make, Powell had been planning the replica for a few years now, ever since his young children first got into the Star Wars movies, but only recently did he have the time to make it happen. Powell and his kids built the sphere out of grey electrical conduit, and used military surplus parachutes to secure the frame. Eventually, the project got too big for his kids to handle. Luckily, Powell tells Make, almost two dozen random passersby ended up stopping to help out.

“I had people drive by and say ‘Hey do you need a hand with that?’” Powell says.

For a detailed walkthrough of how Powell completed the Death Star, watch the video below, or head over to Make.

Powell says he’s planning on leaving it up until sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas (Santa’s job would be a lot harder with a Death Star in his way), though he’s also considering donating it to Burning Man.