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Candy Crush The Movie: Liam Neeson, Stephen Colbert star in fake movie

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Years ago, Ridley Scott was attached to direct a movie about Monopoly. It was going to be about “greed,” Scott would later say, before the Monopoly film became one of those lost projects directing titans like Scott have littered on their resume. (This year, Andrew Niccol was hired to write a script for Monopoly; Scott is no longer attached.)

We bring all this up because if Scott wishes to get back in the game business, there’s always Candy Crush: The Movie. It’s fake, but that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from casting himself and Liam Neeson in the project, and even debuting scene on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show.

Neeson plays Mr. Toffee in the fake film, a man on his death bed who spent “years crushing candy.” Colbert is his ungrateful son who will “crush on in his memory” and share any high scores on Facebook. No particular set of skills is needed to watch this parody; you can see it all below.