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Aziz Ansari: Stephen Colbert interview touches on diversity

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Aziz Ansari has used the press tour for his new Netflix series Master of None to discuss the lack of diversity on television — something he touched on at EW Fest last month, and in a piece for the New York Times this week. And speaking to Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s edition of The Late Show, Ansari continued the conversation with a few pointed barbs directed at Colbert, the CBS network, and the state of late-night television in general.

“Stephen is the first late-night host from South Carolina, and the bajillionth white guy,” Ansari said (both he and Colbert are from South Carolina). After Colbert joked about how having Ansari on as a guest was helping improve diversity, Ansari said, “It’s really diverse right now. It’s 50 percent diverse. This is an all-time high for CBS.”

Later in the segment, after Colbert mistakenly referred to Ansari’s best-selling book Modern Romance as Modern Love, the pair joked that someone on Colbert’s staff was going to get fired for the error.

“God, I hope it’s a white guy,” Colbert said, before adding, “Chances are …”

“There are a lot of white guys back there,” responded Ansari.

Earlier this year, it was reported that all 19 writers on Colbert’s staff are white, and 17 of the 19 are men.

Watch the clip below.