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Moonbeam City: Rob Lowe sings in smooth 80s soundtrack – exclusive

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Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s glitzy neon ‘80s explosion Moonbeam City has its share of dashing visuals — including Rob Lowe as inept cartoon cop Dazzle Novak — but its fluorescent shades are only half of the series’ artistic flourish.

The rest belongs to the pulsing soundtrack, which soon will be released as a full album from Los Angeles-based electro-synth duo Night Club, who composed the soundtrack as “one part John Carpenter, one part Vangelis, tons of early ‘80s synthpop, and a pinch of sheer stupidity.”

“A lot of times [creator] Scott Gairdner would give us a music ‘assignment’ where we would have to deconstruct anything from Toto to rockabilly to Sly and the Family Stone and write our own take on that genre,” the duo, comprised of vocalist Emily Kavanaugh and Moonbeam director Mark Brooks, tells EW. “We wrote themes for each character, made cues fit each of their personas. For Pizzaz, we wrote a film noir-type cue. For Rad, we originally wrote a cue for a villain but ultimately had to write music that became pathetic and sad. At the end of the day, though, 93 percent of our job is to make music for Dazzle to have sex to.”

The 20-track album, out on iTunes on Nov. 6 and in stores Dec. 18, will also include vocals from Moonbeam City’s top cops, Lowe and Will Forte. As such, EW has an exclusive listen of “Cop This Town,” a song Lowe’s character Dazzle sings in the Nov. 11 episode. Take a peek at the clip and sample some of the soundtrack below: