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iZombie: Can Major and Liv survive his zombie-killing secret?

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Cate Cameron/The CW

The possibility of transmitting her zombie-ism aside, Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) have decided to give things another go in iZombie. (Aww, good for you kids!) But given how many secrets he’s been hiding, they’ve got a bumpy road ahead.

“It’s a really complex dynamic that they have,” McIver tells EW. “This time around, it certainly has a lot more promise because he knows who she is. There’s not this enormous secret between them on her front. Unfortunately, he obviously is carrying a big secret this time around in terms of what he’s privy to with Max Rager and what he’s partaking in. There are still secrets, and I think relationships with big, hefty secrets like that aren’t very simple.”

There’s also that other little problem with dating a zombie: She could turn him into one, which is why the subject of sex is very delicate. “They have to do everything with a great degree of caution,” says Buckley, who notes that even though Major was previously cured of being a zombie, there’s still some uncertainly as to whether it’ll stick.

“They’re not sure how zombie-ism is transmitted as yet,” McIver says. “Ravi [Rahul Kohli] is having to really do some extensive research to make sure these things aren’t going to be too much of a problem.”

With that said, Liv will definitely land in the middle of the Ravi and Major bromance. “Ravi is in a really difficult position,” McIver says. “It’s never a fun position to be in when you’re the middle man. Ravi takes it in stride. As much as he’s there for Liv, I think Ravi will make her accountable and make sure that she doesn’t do anything to lead Major astray.”

Now the big question is whether Liv will discover the truth that Major has begrudgingly become Max Rager’s personal zombie killer — even if he’s been doing it to protect his lady love. For the moment, Liv’s a little too busy working on the cure for zombie-ism to set her sights on Major’s employer. “As soon as that becomes manageable, I’m sure they’ll be directing their focus back at Max Rager eventually,” McIver says, teasing that we’ll soon find out the effects of Super Max. “It’s pretty interesting. It’s a really great idea. It certainly makes me not want to drink energy drinks.”

Could Super Max’s creation come as a result of Gilda obtaining Liv’s blood last week? Either way, Liv won’t be happy to become an unwitting guinea pig for the evil corporation. “I’d imagine she’d be fairly annoyed,” McIver says. “It’s a huge betrayal. She’s had a weird, tenuous connection with Gilda anyway. She doesn’t feel super warm toward her. They’ve always had a strange vibe. She can’t quite get a read on her, which we can understand why. I certainly don’t think she’s expecting Gilda to be who she is and have the power that she has.”

That discovery will likely be compounded by the fact that Major slept with Gilda. Awk-ward! “She hasn’t found out just yet, so we don’t know how that’s going to pan out,” McIver says. “That’s a gun sitting on the table that we’re waiting for to go off at some point. Obviously that’s not going to be hidden forever, but it’s not on the agenda right now, so Liv is able to enjoy being with Major and trying to reconnect with him in a new way.”

“The worst part is, poor Major doesn’t even know [Gilda being her roommate is] a secret, that that’s something that would be as confronting for Liv as it would be, because he doesn’t know that they live together,” she continues. “She’s certainly posing a real problem to Liv and is a major threat in many ways. She’s very, very close and knows way too much. She’s a spy for Max Rager, so it’s a difficult one for Liv.

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.