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Dancing with the Stars: Derek Hough's behind-the-scenes diary

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Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Every Monday, Dancing With the Stars pro and five-time champion Derek Hough is sharing his behind-the-scenes video diary with Entertainment Weekly.

Dancing With the Stars fan-favorite Bindi might be a quick learner on the dance floor, but she’s still got some dance history to brush up on, namely legend Bob Fosse. (In addition to their dance as a duo, Bindi and Derek are teaming up with Alex and Mark this week for a fun Charleston channeling his Broadway show Chicago.)

“We [were] like, ‘It’s Bob Fosse, you know Bob Fosse!’” Derek says in his video diary. “And she’d say, ‘I don’t know who Bob Fosse is. Guys, I live in a zoo!’”

Check out the video above for a sneak peek at Bindi’s wig and to find out why Derek earned himself the nickname “Bob Pissed Off-y.”