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Elementary: Morland Holmes meets with Sherlock in exclusive first look

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Jeff Neira/CBS

Talk about daddy issues!

In the wake of Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) falling off the wagon in the Elementary finale, his father Morland Holmes (John Noble) will venture to New York — though he may come with an ulterior motive.

“Obviously something has happened in the past, which is quite mysterious to us,” Miller tells EW. “Sherlock mistrusts the man and dislikes everything really that he stands for.”

However, when Morland arrives, he acts genuinely concerned about Sherlock’s welfare, which causes the intrepid detective to be suspicious. “Sherlock’s just trying to get it back together again,” Miller says. “He’s not happy that his dad is coming. Obviously he doesn’t like him. He’s really just getting on with the day-to-day business of trying to get his sobriety back on track.”

“There’s just too much water under the bridge with them,” he continues. “This guy turns up and all of a sudden wants to be involved in his life, so he’s very suspicious of why that may be. There must be a reason, as far as Sherlock is concerned.”

Check out an exclusive sneak peek at Morland’s arrival below:

Elementary returns Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.