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Girls season 5 teaser: Dance like no one is watching

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My Best Friend’s Wedding ends with this bit of advice: “Maybe there won’t be marriage. Maybe there won’t be sex. But, by God, there’ll be dancing.” Based on the first teaser for season 5 of Girls, it appears Hannah Horvath feels the same way.

HBO released a first look at Girls on Sunday night, 25 seconds of Lena Dunham’ Hannah dancing like no one’s watching — expect her mom.

Last week, HBO revealed Girls would return on Feb. 21 at 10 p.m. ET. Based on previous statements from Dunham, season 5 could stand as the show’s penultimate batch of episodes. “Never say never, but that is the way that we’re thinking about it right now and we’re starting to think about sort of how to wrap up the storylines of these particular young women,” she told Elvis Duran about ending Girls after six seasons. “I started working on this show when I was 23, and now I’m going to be 30 so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world!”