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Stream Con: Connor Franta Q&A

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Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Connor Franta is taking 2015 by storm. This year, the 23-year-old YouTube star published a memoir titled A Work in Progress, co-founded a record label called Heard Well, released a limited edition clothing line, and also began selling his own line of coffee called Common Culture Coffee. But despite all of these other projects, Franta is still focused on his YouTube channel. On Saturday, he took the time to answer fan questions at Stream Con. Here are the highlights:

He really wants to do another book, and maybe there will be an album

Franta’s memoir was released in April, and spent four months on the New York Times Best Seller list. When asked about future plans, Franta said that he is “really wanting to do another book.” He also confirmed he will have more music compilations, but when asked about making an album of his own, Franta said that he could not confirm that would happen.

Franta’s new video on Monday will be a tutorial on editing pictures for Instagram

While YouTube is still Franta’s social media outlet of choice, his Instagram, boasting 4 million followers, has gained a lot of attention for the artistic photos Franta takes and edits. Naturally, a few fans wanted to know how he edits his Instagram photos. The short answer? “Lots of apps.” To get more in-detail, Franta said that the video he is uploading to his YouTube channel on Monday will actually be about how he edits his Instagram photos.

Franta’s favorite video that he’s made is “Life Doesn’t Wait

Franta has made more than 200 YouTube videos, but his favorite is one that he uploaded at the end of 2014 called “Life Doesn’t Wait.” The video is a spoken-word piece about making the most of life and following your passions. Franta said that it’s his favorite because “it took a lot of time and thought.”

Franta’s favorite collaborator is Lilly Singh

Franta has worked with a number of different YouTube stars in his videos, but when asked to pick a favorite, he chose Lilly Singh because of how she always comes up with so many different ideas for videos. Other people Franta hopes to collaborate with in the future? Casey Neistat and Joe Sugg.

Franta’s book cover is not an Illuminati reference

The cover art for Franta’s book may be a triangle, but he was explicit in saying that it is not a reference to the Illuminati or anything like that. Rather, he said, the cover was really just a result of him putting together a Tumblr page of images that he liked, showing that to a design team, and the team creating the cover from there.

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