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Joanna Newsom Divers music video: Paul Thomas Anderson helms another clip

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Back in August, avant-garde harpist Joanna Newsom released the video for “Sapokanikan,” the lead single from Divers, her first album since 2010’s Have One On Me. Now that that (very good) record is out, she’s shared a video for the title track which, like “Sapokanikan,” filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson directed.

Unlike the “Sapokanikan” video, which followed Newsom as she wandered a wintry downtown Manhattan scene, “Divers” remains more or less still and films Newsom against a painted backdrop created by Kim Keever, the same artist who created the album artwork for Divers.

Anderson and Newsom have a collaborative history. “He had texted and asked me basically if I wanted to help him experiment with an idea,” Newsom told EW last year about playing the narrator in the director’s 2014 film Inherent Vice. “I think he hadn’t decided yet if he wanted to have a narrator in the film, so he just started sending me little fragments of narration. I would record them and email them back to him. We just did that for a while, and then I guess he decided he wanted to move forward with that idea.”

Check out the “Divers” video below.