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UPDATE: The Supergirl ratings are in

Fall TV could really use a hero.

The latest ratings for the season have ABC down 13 percent, The CW down 10 percent, Fox down 6 percent, NBC down 5 percent, and CBS down 3 percent. Those figures are among total viewers, and if you look at the key adults 18-49 demographic, the percentage drops are even steeper.

On Monday, CBS’ Supergirl will premiere with a lead-in from the The Big Bang Theory (the closest thing to a bona fide super power on the broadcast schedule among entertainment shows).

Among industry polling in recent months, Supergirl has long tracked as one of the biggest potential draws this season and represents the last best chance for this fall to deliver a true break-out hit. Could the DC Comics-inspired series starring Melissa Benoist be the show the industry has been waiting for? Could Supergirl be a title that truly distinguishes itself among the recent weeks of ratings results for new shows that range from “You know, that’s really not too bad” to “Ahh! Where’s the fire extinguisher?!”

Industry ratings prognosticators are all over the place for Supergirl, with their predictions ranging from a sad-trombone-given-the-hype 2.8 in the demo to a heroic Empire-esque 4.5. Granted, the pilot has been on BitTorrrent since leaking last May, but a similar leak only seemed to help The CW’s The Flash debut last year (and really, how many CBS viewers are browsing PirateBay?).

Since Supergirl is a semi-serialized superhero show on traditional crime procedural-heavy CBS, it’s also worth pointing out that the real test will be whether an audience sticks around in the weeks to come.

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In any case, a single hourlong drama like Supergirl cannot really rescue a fall. But it would be nice to see (and it sure couldn’t hurt).


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