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Trevor Noah on Jeb Bush's 'pretty hot' Supergirl comment on The Daily Show

‘Jeb’s creeping on the Kryptonian!’

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Comedy Central

When asked to name his favorite superhero at a Q&A in Virginia earlier this week, Jeb Bush caused a not insignificant amount of controversy when he answered that he found Supergirl Melissa Benoist “pretty hot.” 

Trevor Noah addressed the comments on Thursday’s installment of The Daily Show, joking that Bush was “creeping on the Kryptonian.” CBS’ Supergirl premieres Monday at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS — as such, Noah suggested that “no one shake [Bush’s] hand after 9 p.m.” To the audience’s grossed-out reaction, Noah chided them: “Because his hands will be sweating from the joy! You guys are disgusting.” 

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The host went on to advise that Bush might consider sticking to more presidential candidate-worthy responses from now on.

See the full clip below to find out why even Captain America isn’t safe anymore, now that Conservative pundits believe the superhero’s latest comic-book incarnation has become too politicized — even though, as Noah points out, Captain America wasn’t exactly protesting mustaches back when he was frequently drawn punching Adolf Hitler in the face.