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Fifty years later, this Doctor Zhivago re-release trailer will blow your mind

The David Lean epic comes back to U.K. theaters next month

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Half a century ago, Lawrence of Arabia director David Lean released his other sweeping historical-epic masterpiece: The swooningly romantic Doctor Zhivago, based on Boris Pasternak’s wartime novel.

Over three hours long, shot in gorgeous locations and massively expensive sets, Zhivago is a widescreen feast, best enjoyed on a big screen. (Actually, Zhivago is best enjoyed on the biggest possible screen through the eyes of a child who skipped school and snuck into a theater during an afternoon getaway in the big city, but any big screen will do.)

The film is returning to theaters in the U.K. next month. Here in the United States, you can watch the trailer for the rerelease on your smartphone. No stormtroopers, but there is a shot of Ben Kenobi.