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Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Tom Hiddleston talks Crimson Peak

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Stephen Colbert called Crimson Peak a “sex positive” movie on Friday night’s episode of The Late Show for a very specific reason.

While speaking with the film’s cast, as well as director Guillermo del Toro, the host directed the attention toward Tom Hiddleston and his nude scene in the film.

“We do not see the ladies in this movie showing their kibbles and bits, but we do get to see your…English countryside,” he noted.

Hiddleston argued the reason for the scene was because the film is a Gothic romance, so it had to involve love, death, sex, and violence.

“I don’t know how anyone else has sex,” Hiddleston said. “As far as I understand it if you keep your pants on it’s not gonna work.”

Colbert jumped on the comment, saying this was the reason the Victorians were so repressed.

Watch the clip below to see del Toro say it was all Hiddleston’s idea to include the nude scene.