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Late Show: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel don't have a late-night feud

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Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have a lot in common. They both host their own late-night talk shows, they share the same fast-talking agent, and as revealed on Friday night’s episode of The Late Show, they like each other.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host is taking his Los Angeles-based show to Brooklyn next week, and since he already landed in New York, Kimmel dropped by to visit his late-night contemporary to discuss their “feud.”

“Speaking of that ‘King of Late Night’ thing,” Colbert said. “People want us to fight. Isn’t that crazy?”

Kimmel agreed it was weird to have that kind of expectation as a precedent in late night. The host said since the feuding was established by David Letterman and Jay Leno, people thought it would continue “like the Crusades.”

Colbert admitted he liked Kimmel. “I like you too,” Kimmel said. “I might even love you. If you died I’d cry like a baby.”

“If I didn’t have a show I’d come to your funeral,” Colbert told Kimmel.

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Watch the clip below to see Colbert and Kimmel trade pleasantries.