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The Royals season 2: See Queen Helena's crazy plan to take back the crown

Hint: It involves a pair of black lace panties.

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What’s a queen to do when she has her eye on the monarchy and absolutely everything to lose? Well, if the queen in question is Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) of The Royals, then the response is to step into blackmail mode. 

Though her husband has died and her twin children are definitely suffering from some parental neglect, Queen Helena has only one thing on her mind: to take back the throne from Cyrus (Jake Maskall). And by the looks of a brand-new clip from the second season of The Royals, there’s very little the power-hungry queen won’t do to in order seize the monarchy for herself – like sacrificing her children’s claim to the crown or using a pair of her panties as part of a plan to blackmail Britain’s prime minister. (Yes, really.) 

Seems like the hiatus didn’t do anything to cure the queen of her special brand of crazy!

The Royals returns to E! on Nov. 15.