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P.O.D.: Katy Perry's former role in band clarified

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Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Fans have known for a while that Katy Perry came from a religious background before she was kissing girls and waking up in Vegas. But it was still a fun shock to watch a recently unearthed video of Perry performing “Goodbye for Now,” her collaboration with Christian metal band P.O.D., on The Tonight Show in 2006.

P.O.D. has taken issue with the way the video has been covered, however, with guitarist Marcos Curiel, particularly unhappy with Perry being described as “a backup singer.”

“This is revisionist history and disrespectful to our girl Katy who was never a backup singer,” Curiel told Rolling Stone. “We invited her to participate on our record as she was and is still is one of the few pop artists with strong musicianship roots… She paid her dues not as a backup singer but in a van going town to town. This is the problem with music journalism today… Shabby reporting. No research. No history.”

Perry participated not just on the live performance of “Goodbye for Now” but also the original recorded version. See her in the official music video below.