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Party Down South exclusive clip: See Lyle propose to Santana

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The dirty clothes have been swept off the bed and replaced with rose petals. The red Solo cups have been strung up along the backyard. A ring has been taped under the table. 

Indeed, everything is in order for the perfect Party Down South engagement. After seven months of dating — Saturday is their official one-year anniversary — Lyle Boudreaux will pop the question to Santana Bordelon on Thursday’s 9 p.m. installment of the CMT reality series about a bunch of hellraising young “adults” for whom you should definitely pray. 

Their night to remember will begin with a fancy dinner at an Italian restaurant named Donatello. “Any restaurant that’s named after a Ninja Turtle has to be good because the Ninja Turtles were awesome,” reasons Lyle. And while they try to decipher the menu, the roomies will stage the aforementioned engagement scenario, complete with a romantic dessert prepared by Murray. The boys will substitute duct tape for Scotch tape to make it extra hard for Lyle to do his ring thing. Is Lyle ready to settle down and not get arrested anymore? As he tearfully tells Santana, “You dealt with my sh– a lot,”  and she makes him want to be “the best man in the f—ing world.” The speech does get sweeter from there, promise. 

Watch the video to see Lyle ask Santana to be the “Bou” to his “Dreaux” while wondering if you did it all wrong when you got engaged.