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The next Mummy movie could star a female Mummy

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ullstein bild via Getty Images

Big month for redefining outdated Hollywood gender norms! Charlize Theron might replace Brad Pitt. Marvel’s finally going to let the Wasp be the Wasp… three years from now. Stephenie Meyer likes the name Beaufort. Jennifer Lawrence won’t rest til she makes Renner money.

Now comes word from The Hollywood Reporter that the titular role in a blockbuster movie might get a gender-flipped recasting. EW has confirmed that the next Mummy movie may star a female undead character, instead of the typical bandage-wrapped millennia-old male. Per THR, both gender options are in play as the film seeks out a lead performer.

The film is scheduled for March 2017 and is intended to help relaunch Universal’s “Monsters” brand as a linked Cinematic Universe, so it’s possible that this new Mummy may be a protagonistic figure — similar to Dracula in Dracula Untold, that Dracula movie that happened. Or the Mummy could be a villain again. It could be a man, or it could be a woman. It could even be a Dragon Emperor!

(It won’t be a Dragon Emperor.)