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Pierce Brosnan warns Owen Wilson in No Escape deleted scene

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In No Escape, Owen Wilson and his family find themselves in the middle of an uprising. The American businessman took an executive job in Southeast Asia, and he, his wife (Lake Bell), and their two daughters have barely arrived when their bubble of Western luxury is burst by street violence against the government. The armed rebels not only fight the regime, but they’re targeting white foreigners as well.

In the film, which becomes available on Digital HD on Nov. 13, followed by the VOD and Blu-ray/DVD release on Nov. 24, Owen’s character discovers the imminent civil war only after he practically stumbles into the crossfire. But in this deleted scene, he gets a warning from Pierce Brosnan’s mysterious playboy. “Something strange in the air going on,” hints Brosnan, giving Wilson’s family man pause about his planned tour of the city.

Here’s the film’s trailer: