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Gabrielle Union, Jimmy Fallon: Musical Morning Announcements

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

What would it have been like to have Gabrielle Union and Jimmy Fallon sing your high school announcements every morning?

We got a glimpse of this unlikely scenario on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show as Union and Fallon put on some charming midwestern accents and appropriate school attire for the recurring segment: Musical Morning Announcements.

At Saugerties High School, principal Davidson (Fallon) and vice-principal Cook (Union) are the “most entertaining and musical morning announcement duo in the Tri-Country area, 8 years running.”

But they don’t just read school news: with each new announcement came a spin on a popular song. For blocking cell phone reception at the school, the actress and host sang the melody to “Can’t Feel My Face,” but changed the lyrics, singing “You can’t use your Facebook at this school (’cause we blocked it).”

One of the best moments was Union’s take on a well-known Rihanna song. The actress singled out a student named Mitchell who owed money for a field trip, then got up and sang: “Mitch better have my money.”

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Watch the clip below to see Union and Fallon do more popular song renditions, some more aggressively than others.