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New York Comic Con: Pretty Little Liars cast discusses time jump

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Pretty Little Liars stars Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Sasha Pieterse had some secrets to share with Entertainment Weekly when they stopped by our Sirius XM studio during New York Comic Con on Friday. For starters, where will their characters be when season 6B picks up after the show’s five-year time jump?

“Emily does go to Pepperdine in California,” Mitchell said of her character. Does that mean a reunion with Paige (Lindsay Shaw) is in the cards? “Paige has been over in California,” Mitchell teased, but stopped short of saying a reconciliation was coming. “Of all the girls, she has the hardest time over those five years. We’ll find out why later.”

As for Alison, she’s teaching English in the same classroom where Ezra used to teach. “I didn’t think she was going to be there, I thought she would have been out of Rosewood, but the more I thought about it, it does make sense,” Pieterse said. “She never really had the high school experience. As much as she’s teaching students, she’s also teaching herself.” Pieterse said Alison probaly went through a lot of therapy, and was trying to rebuild her family. “It’s pretty special for her, and it’s been fun for me to reinvent Alison.”

Spencer, meanwhile, went to Georgetown and did her semester abroad at Oxford. She’s now back in Washington D.C. to work on Captiol Hill. Mitchell said Spencer also probably went therapy: “So she could get a normal life,” Mitchell said. “But what that means is that there are a lot of things she still hasn’t come to terms with.”

Speaking to EW before the finale in August, showrunner Marlene King told EW that the effects of five seasons of “A” would not be easy to shake for the women. “They still suffer from post-traumatic stress at times and we will hear as we go into the next season some stories about how what they’ve been through has still haunted them and affected the decisions that they make,” King said. “Something like that really does change you and it’s probably helped them all make decisions that they might have not made had that experience not happened to them. Maybe they take greater risks and maybe they can handle pressure more easily than someone who hasn’t been locked in a demented dollhouse.”

Watch above to see Mitchell, Bellisario, and Pieterse show us how to perfect the opening “hush” and also see if the actresses are able to answer the show’s biggest mysteries as well as King was when we asked her earlier this year.