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Late Show: Cate Blanchett, Stephen Colbert interview

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Cate Blanchett often plays characters who are tightly clinging to their sanity, or as Stephen Colbert put it on Thursday night’s episode of the Late Show: “barely keeping your sh— together.”

The Truth star granted Colbert’s request that she act out someone who resembles one of her characters. The source material: an Amazon review for a single serve blender (with travel lid).

“…It’s far from a powerhouse,” Blanchett read. “I don’t understand why they built this product expressly for purpose of creating liquid drinks to take out of the home with you and make a container leaky.”

The more distraught the reviewer became, the more Blanchett matched the emotion.

“If you are using this system to make drinks to take with you for lunch or a workout later in the day, you essentially have to spend your entire day worrying about leaks and remembering to hold your container carefully upright — which is the opposite of making things easier for you.”

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Watch the clip below to see Blanchett barely keep it together.