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Limitless: Bad Mannequins' 'No Easy Way Out' from the series premiere — exclusive

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Brian Finch plays a key role in helping the FBI crack seemingly unsolvable cases on CBS’s Limitless. But before he came across the mysterious NZT drug, Brian (Jake McDorman) was just your average guy hitting the bong in his college days and attempting to make it big as a musician after graduation.

Viewers got a taste of Brian’s pre-NZT life in Limitless‘ series premiere on Sept. 22 during a time-lapse flashback accompanied by Bad Mannequins’ “No Easy Way Out,” available exclusively on EW. The raw indie cut took composer Paul Leonard-Morgan four days to write with Scottish guitarist Ross Hamilton, whose side project Bad Mannequins recorded the song.

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“The best part of it was getting a call from [director] Marc Webb while he was on set with Jake asking me how to play certain chords on the guitar,” Leonard-Morgan told EW, “as Jake was obviously having to learn how to play the song for playback — miming while they filmed it, like in a pop video.”

Bad Mannequins plan to release an EP later this year, and you can check out the full version of “No Easy Way Out” now,  exclusively on EW:

And for a look at McDorman miming along, recall the scene from Limitless’ debut here:

Limitless airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.