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Watch Mike Portnoy play Slayer on Hello Kitty drum kit

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Over decades of playing in both Dream Theater and various other side projects, Mike Portnoy has established himself as one of metal’s foremost drummers. To further prove his mettle and skill, Loudwire invited Portnoy to play a game of “Name That Tune”…on a Hello Kitty drum set. The sparse setup (one kick drum, one snare, one rack tom, and one cymbal with a gold star on it) is obviously far less than Portnoy is used to dealing with, but he still manages to bang out iconic beats like KISS’ “Love Gun” and Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks,” much to the poor drum kit’s dismay. Portnoy finishes by playing one of his own songs, “Let Darkness Fall” off the new Metal Allegiance album.

“All the classic metal songs always have opening drum fills,” Portnoy says. “‘Where Eagles Dare’ by Iron Maiden, ‘Stargazer,’ there’s so many classics. We wanted to have one of our own.” Check out the video.

The drum fill is indeed powerful – too powerful for the Hello Kitty drum kit to withstand, unfortunately. Watch the full video above. Metal Allegiance’s self-titled debut album is out now.