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Introducing Spot.IM, EW's new commenting platform

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Nick Wall/HBO

Those of you commenting on our articles may have noticed that things look a bit different around here. 

We’ve launched Spot.IM, a new commenting system to improve your experience on EW.com. Spot.IM brings an updated platform to better engage readers. The new features include a sleeker design, up-vote and down-vote options, and the ability to embed GIFs, videos, and images to comments. Spot.IM is now available on articles, galleries, and recaps site wide.

Spot.IM also comes with a newsfeed, which can be accessed by clicking the [+] button on the side of the webpage. Users can check in here to see what commenters are saying on other parts of the site.

For a more personalized experience on EW.com, set up a Spot.IM account via Facebook, Twitter, or email in the comments section below.