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Far Cry Primal trailer: Caveman vs. mammoth

Back to the Stone Age.

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The ascension of the Far Cry franchise is one of the more delightful surprises of the last few video-game years. Previously a pretty-good series of open-world adventures, the series hit a new high with Far Cry 3, a gorgeous and addictive and fully unhinged Joseph Conrad riff. The semi-sequel downloadable Blood Dragon sent the series into a neon-drenched ’80s retro-future — and last year’s Far Cry 4 expanded the series’ scope, adding in vertiginous mountain terrain and the option to ride an elephant like a living battle-tank.

Ubisoft just released the trailer for the new Far Cry, which looks like the series’ furthest-flung iteration yet. In Far Cry Primal, you play as a pre-civilized human named Takkar, lost and alone in a mysterious new land filled with angry people trying to kill you and angrier primordial animals trying to eat you. The trailer sets the tone, with fleets of marching mammoths and some evocative Quest for Fire imagery. Check it out: