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Stephen Colbert: Tom Hanks contemplates the infinite universe on Late Show

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Stephen Colbert is more than just a late-night host; he’s a deep person who “likes to contemplate the mysteries of the universe” with other celebrities.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert showed his contemplative side as he laid down upon fake grass with Tom Hanks in another segment of “Big Questions with even Bigger Stars.” The host previously pondered life with Scarlett Johansson, but this time the questions went more in depth — particularly one about what Hanks would do with a time machine.

“What would anyone do with a time machine, go back in time and hold myself as a baby,” Hanks said. The Bridge of Spies star also clarified that he would kill Hitler too, and let the baby kill Hitler because “that way they can’t trace it back to you. And it gives the baby good sense of accomplishment.”

Another highlight from the segment included Colbert asking Hanks who he would have lunch with, living or dead.

“Oh dead, of course,” Hanks told Colbert.

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Watch the clip below to see Hanks and Colbert ponder what Santa is doing during the summer and the best idea for a movie that hasn’t been made yet…it includes secret service dogs.