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How well do you know *NSYNC music videos?

Test your knowledge in celebration of *NSYNC Day

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Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Long before the Directioners and the Beliebers there were the *NSYNC fans. Pop enthusiasts met Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez for the first time in the mid-’90s, after the group officially formed on Oct. 1, 1995. Taking allegiance to *NSYNC over BSB, fans went on to buy enough CDs to make 1997’s NSYNC, 2000’s No Strings Attached, and 2001’s Celebrity all┬ámultiplatinum.

But just how well do you remember the boys and their slick dance moves 20 years later? In celebration of *NSYNC Day, prove your loyalty by identifying the group’s music videos from just one still photo. Test your knowledge, ahead.