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Feudal barons and sword-wielding assassins rule the future in 'Into the Badlands' exclusive teaser

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Welcome to Into the Badlands, a series about a post-apocalyptic future where instead of zombies running rampant like in that other AMC drama, a feudal society has taken over the world — and so has martial arts, as guns are no longer being in use.

In this exclusive teaser, the barons who rule and the assassins who enforce that rule, must use swords, axes, and every other weapon to handle their (extremely bloody) fights. Starring Hong Kong import Daniel Wu, who also serves as an executive producer, Badlands follows Wu’s assassin character Sunny as he embarks on a journey to enlightenment.

That journey, judging by the trailer, will lead to plenty of spectacular showdowns with formidable fighters. Watch the teaser below:

Into the Badlands premieres Sunday, Nov. 15, at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.