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Never let anybody tell you that no good comes from pestering people. At least that’s the moral of my story when it comes to Survivor and hiding immunity idols at challenges. I had been bugging the producers incessantly for years to try it out, and they finally put the twist into action for last week’s Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance premiere, and to very dramatic results. Kelley Wentworth had to find just the right second to go back and grab it while nobody was looking, and watching her looking back and forth while gathering up the gumption and finding her window of opportunity added a totally new dimension to the show.

So far, so good. But guess what? There’s one tribe left! That’s right, while Kelley found her clue back at camp, putting the Ta Keo challenge idol into play, there is a clue — and subsequent idol — still to be discovered by the Bayon tribe. With that in mind, host Jeff Probst and challenge producer John Kirhoffer decided to let me help them choose where to hide the next one — should Bayon find the clue before the next immunity challenge.

We walked the entire challenge course coming up with possibilities before settling on a corner at the top of the third A-frame that contestants would have to scale up and over. But finding the spot was only half the battle. Then I had to run in an actual challenge rehearsal and see if I could grab it without any of my tribemates — including cunning former champion Parvati Shallow and fellow members of the press — noticing.

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Check out the video above as we find the perfect hiding spot, and then I go to retrieve it in front of my tribe. Also, in case you were wondering: No, nobody saw me get it (even though they all knew one was hidden and I was going for it.), and yes, we won the challenge (although a Dream Teamer who had already solved the puzzle at the end in a previous run-through may have been feeding me intel on how to solve it and I may have been passing that on to puzzle-solvers Josh and Gordon). So no, I am not above being sneaky and doing whatever it takes to win. And yes, I now am safe for the next two Tribal Councils. JACKPOT!

Now we just need to see if Bayon even finds their clue to put the idol in play. Start hunting, Fishbach!


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