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Anna Paquin: Gambit movie probably won't happen

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The upcoming Gambit film doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Anna Paquin.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if she’ll be a part of the upcoming X-Men spinoff starring Channing Tatum, the actress — who has played Rogue in four previous X-Men installments — replied, “No.”


Rogue and Gambit (Tatum) are romantically involved in the X-Men comics universe. In the films, however, Rogue has a relationship with Iceman (Shawn Ashmore).

After media outlets began reporting the Rogue news, Paquin returned to Twitter to clarify her response.

“That wasn’t a press release!!! I was asked and answered with the information that I currently have,” she wrote. “That is all!”


Gambit is set to arrive in theaters on Oct. 7, 2016, with production set to begin in early spring.