Rolling Stone
Christopher Rosen
September 25, 2015 AT 03:35 PM EDT

Here’s something to dig: On Sept. 13, the cast of The Warriors, Walter Hill’s cult classic 1979 film about New York street gangs, reunited for one last subway ride to Coney Island.

“These subways are different than they were in 1978,” Michael Beck, who starred as Swan, the lead Warrior in the movie, said in a Rolling Stone video. Other Warriors cast members who came together included David Harris, Dorsey Wright, Terry Michos, and Thomas G. Waites.

The reunion took place as part of a fan event to celebrate The Warriors, and its positive impact on the area. “This is a social club for Coney Island,” one fan, a member of a real-life Warriors group, told Rolling Stone. “We started for the youth, though, because of all the gang violence that was happening in our town. We tried to get the youths to join us instead of real gangs.

Watch the cast reunite in the video below. More can be found at Rolling Stone.

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