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Tonight Show NFL superlatives: Joe Jonas, Shaq look-alikes roasted

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NFL superlatives got very specific — and a little bizarre — on Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, as Jimmy Fallon prepped us for Sunday’s Detroit Lions vs. Denver Broncos game.

Some of the highlights of the recurring segment included a hesitant-looking Broncos defensive end Vance Walker, who was voted “Most Likely to be watching his wife and ex-girlfriend hitting it off at a party” and Lions linebacker Kyle Van Noy who was given the rare award for “Most Likely to be Joe Jonas’s reflection on a doorknob.”

As in typical fashion for this segment, Fallon couldn’t help but tease a player’s peculiar name. This time it was Lions wide receiver Golden Tate, who was voted “Most likely to have a name that means something gross on Urban Dictionary.” The host insisted that people clear their search history if they look it up.

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And of course, there was the mandatory Shaq shout-out with long-bearded Broncos Lineman Darius Kilgo simply called: “Amish Shaq.”

Watch the clip below to see what Peyton Manning was voted and which player was named “Redneck Julius Caesar.”