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Stephen Colbert: Pope Francis segment airs on Late Show

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For a second, it looked like Stephen Colbert brought back his “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger” segment from The Colbert Report on Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show.

In addition to addressing his excitement at Pope Francis’ arrival in the U.S., the host took some time to defend the pope’s new stance on global warming and carbon emissions, as well as his decision to address congress about the issue.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar (who Colbert called a “Supercuts test model”) announced he would boycott the pope’s speech, putting Colbert on the defensive.

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“I don’t give a flying flock what your personal doctrine is, you do not disrespect the Bishop of Rome.” Colbert said. The host then insisted the congressman give him his tickets to see the pope.

“Just overnight them to Stephen Colbert, care of the Ed Sullivan Theater,” the host continued.  “And if I run into the pope I got you covered. I’ll have the nearest 3-year-old cut my hair and I’ll say I’m you.”