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Nathan for You trailer: Nathan Fielder returns for new season

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Comedy Central

For two seasons, Nathan Fielder’s been taking over small businesses and trying to give them a boost on Comedy Central’s Nathan for You — and by “trying,” we mean putting unconventional (and usually ineffective) ideas into effect. For example, Fielder had a liquor store sell to minors last season. The twist? The liquor store then stored the purchased alcohol in a closet for said minors to pick up once they turned 21.

Fielder’s ideas are just as ridiculous this season, according to a new trailer that includes him introducing a soundproof box for kids to sit in while their parents have sex just outside. At another point, a woman tells Fielder (who is wearing all black and sporting a lip ring), “That’s really weird that you’d take someone on a date and then ask them, ‘Hey, dude, like, why don’t we sue Best Buy?'”

Fall TV preview

See that (hilariously) uncomfortable moment and more above, and watch the third season premiere when it airs on Comedy Central Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

Comedy Central