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Family Guy season 14 preview: 6 things we can expect

Unfortunately, Ernie the Giant Chicken won’t be making any appearances

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The Griffins return for another season of Family Guy on Sunday, and fans have a lot to look forward to. In addition to adding to its already impressive list of guest stars, Seth MacFarlane’s animated series will introduce new members to the Griffin family, bring back old favorites, and debut more comical musical numbers. Read on for six things you can expect from Family Guy as it moves into season 14 — and one thing that won’t be happening — straight from executive producer Steve Callaghan.

1. The gang attempts to make a horror film in the season premiere

When Peter, Joe, and Quagmire believe they can make a better scary movie than the one they’ve just seen in theaters, they head to an abandoned asylum in Quahog to pen the next horror classic. Though a horror movie-like plot line develops as the guys are hard at work, they decide writing a thriller is harder than it seems.

2. New visitors come to Quahog

Peter’s sister (pictured above), voiced by Kate McKinnon, joins the Griffins for Thanksgiving, at which point Peter (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) discovers his sibling’s surprising profession. “What we learn about his sister is that she’s actually a professional women’s wrestler,” Callaghan tells EW. “They have a bunch of conflict that sort of plays out over Thanksgiving and then Peter’s solution is he has to take her on in the ring. Peter adopts a persona of a female wrestler so that he can fight her.”

We also meet Joe Swanson’s dad (voiced by Ed O’Neill), who learns his son has been keeping a big secret from him. “Joe is real evasive about his father, so the guys want to surprise him by having his dad come to town,” Callaghan explains. “Then they learn that the reason Joe’s being evasive about him is because he’s never told his dad that he’s handicapped.”

3. The Spooner Street gang goes international

When Peter and the crew learn of Quagmire’s (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) past as a Korean soap opera star, they dig up the tapes and binge their neighbor’s dramatic performance. The throwback to Quagmire’s past has him thinking life might be better in Korea, so he heads to Asia. In hopes of bringing Quagmire back to Quahog, his friends whip up a “crazy, colorful, hyper energetic” K-pop-style song to persuade him to return to the U.S. “It’s as over-the-top and silly and multicolored as you’d think,” Callaghan says of the musical number.

4. Chris faces legal problems

The middle Griffin sibling (voiced by Seth Green) has had his share of compilations when it comes to dating, so Chris tries a new approach in season 14. But as his luck seems to always have it, his latest attempt at impressing a lady doesn’t end well. “Chris has a crush on a girl at school and he’s encouraged to take a d— pic and send it to the girl,” Callaghan explains. “By sending it electronically like that, it technically makes him a registered sex offender.” And when Chris is sent to sex rehab, who better (or worse, really) to teach the course than Quagmire?

5. Brian and Stewie experiment with Adderall

Brian certainly has his vices, and for an episode this season, he can add Adderall to the list. After Stewie receives a prescription for the drug, Brian tries it out in hopes of improving his concentration when it comes to writing. ” Brian and Stewie both get hooked on Adderall and it has very different effects on each of them,” Callaghan says. But Brian and Stewie aren’t hooked for good: “The two of them are kind of on an Adderall binge for the episode, but also they find a way to get unhooked.”

6. Vinny is back! But Brian isn’t dead (again)

Brian’s death two years ago came as a heartbreaking surprise to all of us, but luckily, the Griffins’ dog was resurrected just a few episodes later. While Callaghan swears the producers won’t be taking Brian from us again (“We learned our lesson from that”), Vinny, the dog who temporarily replaced Brian, will return this season. “Vinny became a very popular character even in the short time he was on the show,” Callaghan says. “We had such a good time writing for that character and working with Tony Sirico [who voices Vinny] that I’ll say this, we haven’t seen the last of Vinny.”

Bonus: There won’t be a Peter v. Chicken fight

“I’d like to think that there’s always a chance, just to keep people guessing,” Callaghan says. “But in case there won’t be. We do try to space them out so when they do happen, they take you by surprise.”

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Family Guy season 14 premieres Sunday on Fox at 9 p.m. ET.