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Dalton Ross
September 24, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers a few questions about the latest events inside the house. Now, she answers burning questions about the finale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, Julie: Did the jury make the right decision in picking Steve over Liz?

JULIE CHEN: I think they did make the right decision in picking Steve. He did it all on his own with no real friends there to help him or watch his back. And he was always strategizing in his head and talking game to himself. He was not asleep at the wheel. Way to go, Steve!   

A few weeks back, Vanessa convinced Julia to pick to go against Austin in a veto competition even though it was a terrible move for her. Then in the finale we saw her convince Liz to quit in the apple carnival endurance competition for no reason. Are the twins just that easy to manipulate or is Vanessa some sort of Jedi Knight with mind control powers?

A little bit of both. Vanessa has the serious gift of persuasion. She is an excellent BS-er. She knew how to prey on people’s weaknesses. She saw the twins were weak in their confidence of having a firm grasp on the game and she zeroed in on that as a good Jedi Knight would.  

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The chances of a Steve vs. Vanessa final were pretty much non-existent. But had they been the final two, whom would you have voted for?

If it was Steve vs, Vanessa, hands down Vanessa. I would have voted for her no doubt. She really worked hard every second she spent in that house to make it to the end. In a way, I am sorry that she didn’t get more than a handshake for a job well done.  On the other hand, it was a fairy tale come true with Steve winning.  

Finally, where does Steve rank as a winner for you? Near the top? Bottom? Middle?

Steve ranks near the top for me. The jury gladly handed him the win and that’s rare. He managed to make his way to finals and not have anyone hate him. He did it on his own and that’s pretty unheard of. Good for Steve!    

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